A simple approach to yoga, learning familiar postures to build strength, flexibility + balance. There’s a focus on developing a yogic breath.


-Suitable for new yogis or those who have been away from their mat for a while.


Delving deeper into postures, to develop your 
knowledge, with opportunities for challenge, with an increased focus on movement + stamina.


Suitable for returning yogis, who want to see progress.


Move + explore a range of postures in a fluid & creative style. You will learn transitions, flow with your breath + find your own rhythm.


Suitable for regular-practising yogis, who want to get lost in their flow.


Digging deeper to challenge strength + build confidence in advanced postures, including inversions + arm balances. 


Suitable for disciplined yogis who are looking to progress with more advanced asanas.


A yin-inspired practice to improve flexibility, release blockages and tension, and let your energy flow. 



Release is suitable for yogis looking to balance faster paced yoga flows or other exercise regimes.


A nidra-inspired guided meditation practice to bring you to a state of deep relaxation.



Rest is suitable for all yogis. There are eye pillows, blankets, props and essential oils to help you truly rest. The practice happens in candlelight, with soft music.


A healing practice that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and
promotes deep relaxation.


Release is suitable for all yogis, and it’s a great balance for faster-paced yoga flows or other
exercise regimes.


A lunchtime breath practice to help you recharge and find calm – whatever life’s throwing at you.


Reset is suitable for all yogis who want to build a calm, more resilient mindset.


A prescribe  series of postures based on movement & breath. The sequence includes regular vinyasa, ujjayi breath, engagement of bandhas and working with drishti.

Suitable for 
regular practising yogis that are looking to develop consistency.