A simple approach to yoga, learning familiar postures to build strength, flexibility + balance. There’s a focus on developing a yogic breath.

Suitable for new yogis.


Delving deeper into postures, to develop your 
knowledge, with opportunities for challenge, with an increased focus on movement + stamina.


Suitable for returning yogis.


Move + explore a range of postures in a fluid & creative style. You will learn transitions, flow with your breath + find your own rhythm.

Suitable for regular-practising yogis.


Digging deeper to challenge strength + build confidence in advanced postures, including inversions + arm balances. 

Suitable for disciplined yogis who are looking to progress.


A slow-paced practice, where postures are held for longer, to release deep connective tissue. The physical stillness helps to encourage deep breathing + gentle meditation.

Suitable for yogis looking to compliment their Yang practice / lifestyle.


Loosely translates as yogic sleep. You will be guided into a state of conscious relaxation, focusing on drawing your attention inward + embracing some dedicated time for rest. 

Suitable all yogis.


A slow + gentle practice, where you will explore passive stretches with the support of props, ending with an extended period of guided meditation to restore + rejuvenate our entire being.

Suitable for new yogis.


A dedicated session of guided breathwork to encourage a calmer + more compassionate mindset, whereby we live in the present moment, with the strength to face whatever that may bring.

Suitable for all yogis.