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Yoga Teacher

What was your journey to becoming a yoga teacher?

I started practicing yoga about 20 years ago when I was at uni because I used to get a bad back and it really helped with that. Over the next 10 years or so I explored the yoga world and in this time I started to learn that yoga really suited me for exercise but also philosophically and spiritually. I realised that I could cope with everything a bit better with yoga in my life. In 2011 I travelled to Mysore in South India - the birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga - where I met so many teachers and students. It wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to do my own teacher training, I felt that I had a really grounded yoga practice and I had spent the time discovering the styles and practices of yoga that I enjoyed.

What does your downtime look like?

I tend to be on the go a lot so a good audiobook, podcast or tv show is a pretty good time for me to relax. I also love walking in the countryside and being by the sea.

If you weren’t a yoga teacher, what would you be?

Alongside teaching yoga I’m training to be a Dietitian so I suppose I had better say that.

How does practicing yoga help your day to day life?

I am a firm believer that yoga is a practice for life. If you can twist yourself into complicated and challenging poses that might push you to your edge but still maintain a steady, calm breath then maybe when there is a challenge in life you can maintain that same calm and steady breath. I also think I just like myself better when I have taken some time for myself to move and breathe.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Time flies so treasure it.


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