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4 - Changing Rooms + Changing Bodies 👀

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

A quick heads up 😅 I’m about to tell you how the female body changes (well mine at least)

And this stuff doesn’t get much air time and it TOTALLY should - so pleeeeease keep reading 🙏

Here we go…

So, there’s a few moments that come to mind 🤔

Most notably, I remember being on summer holiday with my Mom and Dad. It’s the morning and I’m sleepily getting changed… I put on my favourite navy blue Nike T-shirt, with the signature orange tick, and as I glance in the mirror… I’m like WTH* 😦

My chest was no longer flat … 😶

I went to bed one night with no breasts and woke up the next morning with breasts. Albeit small to begin with - but they had arrived!

My favourite Nike t-shirt looked different. In fact, all my t-shirts looked different. And I didn’t like it 😩

Thank God for hoodies and cold British summers - back then at least - pre-climate change 🙄

I remember a bright yellow hoodie in particular (Nike again) that I absolutely loved. It was super-baggy and hid my protruding chest perfectly. I lived in that for what probably felt like years to my Mom… Maybe it was. Sorry Mom 😆

For family occasions I would upgrade to my black and white, 3-stripe Adidas zip-up…again with jeans and (cleaner) trainers. I was Sporty Spice 👌

Getting dressed in public changing rooms became a whole new endeavour for me. At the time, I was swimming loads - it was my favourite thing to do. Every weekend without fail and usually in the week too… So I used changing rooms A LOT! And I remember those moments vividly 💭

That’s probably where my flexibility truly began 😅 holding a towel under your armpits whilst putting on a pair of pants - now that’s a skill. Or sometimes a disaster 😂

As my body changed, I started to feel less comfortable in it. The things I wanted to wear didn’t feel or look the same anymore ☹️

There was a conflict brewing 🫖

And I just wasn’t ready 😶

*stands for What The Hell - WTF came later 🤭

⬆️ This would have been ‘developed’ at Jessops, from a Kodak film… AND you would have waited - 7 days 🤯

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