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3 - Tomboy [noun] - a girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys

So me and mom started practising yoga together pretty regularly. And I. Was. In. Love! (with yoga to be clear) 🥰

And the best part? I was falling (back) in love with myself. Albeit slowly…

I appreciate that feels like a pretty sad statement - but it’s completely true. Somewhere in my late-teens, I had fallen out of love with myself. Out of love with my body in particular 😕

It’s honest statements like this that I hope are going to help anyone reading this...

My musings in this blog are for anyone who has ever felt similarly - a bit of common ground can be extremely comforting 🤗

Reflecting further, I now know that the love wained due to a loss of connection. And that’s where yoga fires on all cylinders - it is ALL ABOUT CONNECTION 🚀

So what happens? How do we lose this connection?

Let’s head back to those pre-teen years, when Tamagotchis and the Macarena were all that mattered. The mid-90s. And if you’re about to Google ‘What is a Tamagotchi?’ - you couldn’t do that until 1998 👀

I was a real ‘tomboy’ as a kid… and I’m not sure if that phrase is correct to use anymore 🤷 but it’s certainly the language I experienced. Family members would often say, ‘Victoria’s a bit of a tomboy’ and I suppose, to me, it meant that they understood I liked to play outside in a tracksuit and trainers…👟

In 1996-7, when I was 9-10 yrs old - it was the era of GIRL POWER. The Spice Girls were everywhere and I was a huge fan. Girls wanted to be them and boys fancied them. They were awesome 🤩

It was a really cool period where girls could be less dainty and more boisterous if they wanted. We were experiencing and building new parts of our identity. And I was all over this. It felt like it embodied my entire being 💫

As kids go, I had a lot of energy. I was that kid who hopped on one leg down the road or balanced on a wall - walking was simply boring! 🤸

And when I wasn’t running around, I would sing, dance, recite poems and impersonate people - to anyone who was remotely interested 😂

I had bundles of confidence and would perform my version of the latest Destiny’s Child track at the drop of a hat. Beyonce, I’m sorry...

But this was me and I was unencumbered 😊

Right up until my body changed…🤔

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