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2 - Finding my thing...

Yoga wasn’t something I came across naturally. It was recommended to me by a forward-thinking doctor after my Mom finally managed to get me to go to the doctors about how I was feeling 🧑‍⚕️

I’m definitely a feeler. I feel deeply. If I’m sad - I’m like really sad. If I’m happy - I’m unashamedly ecstatic. At the time, I was feeling extremely anxious at school 😔

I’d had a couple of rough years where I’d been left out of the main group. It didn’t help that I went to a really small (all girls) school 🏫 So if you weren’t the flavour of the month with the most popular girl - you were pretty much on your own 😢 And if you’ve ever read any books by Steve Peters, this isn’t so good. Just like our chimpanzee ancestors, we have an innate need to feel part of our peer group before the age of 17 🤓

I found this time on my own difficult to navigate 🗺️ I over-analysed everything about myself and just didn’t feel enough. I began to take control of what I could, which transpired into an eating disorder. More on that later…

Anyway, my parents decided it was time to see the GP (back in the good old days when you got an appointment) and Dr. Walsh (if you’re reading this - you also saved my life 🙏 ) suggested this ‘new thing’ she was trying called yoga 🧘

Now, we’re only talking 2004 - so the world had heard of yoga - but Madonna was doing it in LA - not me and my Mom in Birmingham 🫣

But we did! At the local gym, which was quite aptly named LA Fitness 👀

Anyway, back to that first class 👉 Me and my Mom walked in having no idea what to expect and completely open to pinning all our hopes on this magical exercise class that was going to help me feel calmer and less panicked about getting on a bus to school 🤞

It’s actually such a cute story now I come to think about it. Wow - enter gratitude! 🙌

Little did we know, we were in for a real treat. Nadine taught Ashtanga Yoga - but obviously nobody knew that word - so on the gym schedule, it simply said ‘Yoga - 75 minutes’.

What do I remember? 💭

I remember feeling and hearing my first OM, which of course I didn’t join in with. I was completely self-conscious and now pretty concerned I was going to be asked to sing again. Dr Walsh was an idiot 🤦

I remember moving in an uncoordinated manner but being made to feel OK about it. Not like when you get the moves wrong in body combat and crash into someone! I had my own bit of space and nobody else to worry about. I remember really liking that 🤩

I remember actually thinking about my breath for the first time EVER.

I remember moving my body in ways I never had before.

I remember feeling in those first few classes - this. Is. it. I’ve found my thing...

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