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An opportunity to move your body with a strong breath. Create shapes with your body, build strength + discover flexibility.  Get lost in the flow. This is the yang to your practice. 

Select a practice style then a choose a video to follow along with
yoga class. Hot yoga.

Yoga class. Teacher doing reverse warrior.

Exploring a range of postures in a fluid and creative style; moving with your breath and finding your own rhythm. Suitable for regular-practising yogis.


A simple approach to yoga, where you learn familiar postures to build strength, flexibility and balance. There’s a focus on developing a yogic breath. Suitable for new yogis.


Going deeper into flow sequences, trying more advanced postures, including inversions and arm balances. Lots of options to encourage intuitive movement. Suitable for disciplined yogi practitioners who are looking to progress.

Yoga class. A yoga teacher leading students.

Delving deeper into postures, to build confidence and knowledge, with opportunities for challenge. An increased focus on movement and stamina. Suitable for returning yogis.


A prescribed series of postures based on movement & breath. The sequence includes regular vinyasa, ujjayi breath, engagement of bandhas and working with drishti. Suitable for regular practising yogis that are looking to develop consistency.

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