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SAT 23RD SEP | 1-3:30PM

Join us for an afternoon dedicated to learning more about your natural cycle. 


During this workshop, you can expect to


- Explore the stages of your cycle and discover your own body’s natural rhythm. 


- Learn about your hormones and how they will affect you over the course of your cycle.


- Guided movement to deepen the connection to your physical body. 

- Share and reflect alongside your fellow yogis, with guidance and support. 

- Feel empowered to navigate your cycle with improved self-care and balance.


- Harness gratitude and a sense of honour towards your body for all that it does.

More about Heather

Heather is trained in Holistic Health Coaching for Women and has a pure and authentic passion for women’s health. This shines through in the time and dedication spent preparing for these workshops, as well as her openness to share in her own experiences, Through Heather’s training and knowledge of women’s health and yoga, she is able to provide a unique approach to teaching.

More about I AM YOGI
I AM YOGI is an idyllic, wooden cabin set amidst the trees of Moseley Park. Feel at ease with our friendly and welcoming community, whilst embracing the peaceful and uncomplicated surroundings. Spend time in our community garden, whilst enjoying herbal teas and healthy treats throughout the course. An ideal environment for deepening your connection with nature and other women. 

This workshop is suitable for all women who are interested in learning more about their body’s natural cycles.


If you have any questions or would like some more information, please contact us via

Saturday 23rd September


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