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Head of Marketing + Events

What was your journey to becoming Head of Marketing + Events at IAY?

I started practicing yoga on YouTube during the first lockdown, and once I could, I started going to classes at the Cabin. After a couple months of regularly attending classes, I asked Vicky (IAY's Co-founder) if she knew anyone locally who had any jobs going... and from that one simple question my journey at I AM YOGI began!

What does your downtime look like?

Spending time outdoors, hiking, exploring new places and finding new food places to try.

If you weren't working at IAY what other job would you be doing?

I would probably be doing something Computer Science related, I actually went to university to study Maths and Computer science, with the intention of becoming a software engineer... I dropped out of University after 4 months, and i'm now in the world of Marketing and Events!

A fun fact about you?

I can play the violin! I had lessons every week for 9 years while at school and college. 

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