IAY Team


Claire corfield

I AM...Claire

Yoga to me is... different everyday - whatever I need it to be. Sometimes it's about stretching, sometimes it's about resting in Savasana for twenty minutes! It's always deeply calming. 

Yoga makes me feel...like I'm connecting to something greater that myself...

I like...cake! Vegan cake of course. I also like being in nature and spending time with animals - always calms my soul... And more cake!

I don't really like...negativity. Can't be doing with it. 

One day...social media will be obsolete and we can all go back to not worrying about how many likes we get. 



I AM...Harriet

Yoga to me is...knowing your breath, body and mind more intimately.

I like...my husband, our Siamese cats and the rural UK breaks we all go on (yes I take my cate on holiday!!) 

I don't really like...stress - it makes my tummy hurt :(

Yoga makes me feel...often empowered, sometimes relief. 

One day...I will master the art of cooking rice!


Claire Hatchell

I AM...Claire (Hatch)

Yoga to me is...time to PAUSE...space to come back to myself and notice what's going on in my mind and in my body. 

I like...hanging out with good friends, dancing, drawing, cats, lemon drizzle cake.  

I don't really like...bad manners, too much time inside and away from nature, coffee. 

Yoga makes me feel...connected. 

One day...we will all show kindness and compassion to each other and all sentient beings, everywhere. 

Black and White Yoga Picture.jpg

RICHARD HuBert-Clarke

I AM...Richard

Yoga to me is...a gateway for a deep inner connection with oneself, and in turn a possible segue for interdependence with all things.

I like...true creativity, films, art, music and martial arts.

I don't really like...most reality programmes.

Yoga makes me feel...vibrant, alive, meditative and when teaching yoga - fuelled with purpose.

One day...at a time, or I should say, one moment; I think that is more apt.


nina dalal

I AM...Nina

Yoga to me is...a practice of self-love; a journey of self-inquiry; remembering to be and to breathe.

Yoga makes me feel... at home within myself and connected to the universe.

I like...the beauty of every day, sunrises, sunsets, cuddling my cat, cooking with herbs, plants and spices, having a bath with a book, herbal tea, tired smiles, Indian thalis, beans on toast and being by the sea.

I don't really like...being negative, there's always a silver lining.

One day...can make your life! Today is a gift, that's why we call it the present.

Ella B&W.jpeg


I AM…Ella

Yoga to me is…absolutely necessary. 

I like…to talk, lots especially to find out about new people. Also organising and sorting, I love a tidy home. 

I don’t really like…being too busy, rushing or leaving things in a mess. 

Yoga makes me feel...like everything is back in alignment physically and my head is clear. 

One day...I’ll figure out the secrets of a balanced life.  


I AM... Manoj

Yoga to me is...connecting to your true nature, blissful, playful and fearless, through movement, mantra, meditation and breath.

Yoga makes me feel...I have a space for spiritual growth, a sense identity and purpose; giving me the toolkit I need to navigate through the adventures of life.

I like...using my knowledge and teachings to help elevate and transform anybody attending my classes, leaving them with a smile on their face.

I don't really like... aubergines!

One day...I would love to see yoga and meditation taught in all primary schools in the UK. Imagine what their futures would be like?