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All of our empowering classes are led by qualified yoga teachers, trained to help you leave the studio stronger inside and out than when you arrived.

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Chris, one of our yoga teachers, relaxing in style.

Flow, Flow+


Yoga allows me to be more balanced, grounded and to elicit greater care and compassion to myself and towards other.

Nina, one of our yoga teachers, outside our cabin.

Restore, Basics, Basics+


Yoga helps me to grow + maintain my physical strength which acts as reminder of my inner fire!

Emma, one of our yoga teachers. hugging a tree



Yoga has taught me to be present. To detach from any ‘stories’. To keep compassion front and centre.

Ella, one of our yoga teachers, sitting in our community garden.



Practicing yoga makes my body and mind feel good, it gives me the
chance to lose myself into a state of flow.



I started practicing yoga as a way to take control of my active mind, with little understanding of how it would fundamentally change who I am. I love yoga as it has allowed me to connect with the truest form of myself, and also grow as an individual with confidence in who I am.

Flow+, Flow


My mat brings me a sense of home, no matter how far I physically am from that. Yoga has awakened a deeper sense of fulfillment within me, where I am not relying on any external circumstances to feel content. I have a strong calling to share that with people around me.

Flow, Basics+, Basics


Sophie, one of our yoga teachers standing outside our cabin - on the decking

Basics, Basics+, Flow


Yoga helps me to stay grounded in the present and work through life's challenges to find inner peace, strength and clarity.

Manoj, one of our yoga teachers, doing yoga in nature.

Basics, Basics+


Yoga helps me connect to my own sense of inner strength, power and worth. It provides the space to function from a place of expansion and kindness to my environment and those around me.

Kris, one of our yoga teachers. He is doing triangle pose or Trikonasana.

Release, Flow


Yoga feels natural to the body. Almost instinctive. Meditation is better quality when I’ve done physical practice too. Where does yoga end and meditation begin? That’s a different convo :D



How I think and talk to myself, how I interact and show up with others, and in the world. It has given me a space to become familiar with myself, more aware of how I show up physically & emotionally. It really does help me live a richer, healthier and more fulfilled life.



Yoga gives my body energy and at the same time calms my mind. I want yoga to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how long you have or have not been practicing.





Vicky, one of our yoga teachers, happy in the cabin.

Basics, Flow


Yoga keeps me connected to my body, the people around me + the places I live in. This makes me feel a lot of love + gratitude for those things.

Claire, one of our yoga teachers, doing yoga in nature.

Basics, Flow, Basics+

Claire H

Yoga helps me come back to a sense of centred stability, giving me inner strength and self belief to respond to whatever comes along.

Richard, one of our yoga teachers, doing a Yoni Mudra.



Yoga is a way of returning to your natural state. Equilibrium is what most people seek in life and there are various avenues in which you can travel. Yoga, to me is the best way.

yoga teacher, Heather, sitting in our community garden



Practicing yoga brings me peace and helps me navigate through this life. It’s allowed me to cultivate an awareness within myself and everything around me. I feel better connected to myself, others and nature. Practicing yoga for me is a journey of forever learning.



Yoga for me, is about creating a warm and safe environment around us in the studio and within ourselves on our mat. I value the sense of ease and peace yoga brings as we settle into our space, body, mind and breath through our practice.



605A9304 ( (1).jpg


Set yourself up for a busy day, take a break or unwind after work with 30 classes to choose from every week.

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