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Do you know how I AM YOGI began? 

If not, sit back and give this a read...


It all started with me (Vicky) teaching yoga from a glass structure on pub car park.


Those of you who know Moseley, take a walk past The Village Pub. 


And for those of you who joined me on those winter nights, with 6 industrial heaters and 2 blankets each, I hope this post brings back some welcome nostalgia!


The success of these regular weekly classes led to the hunt for a prime spot in Moseley to have a more permanent arrangement to ensure the yogis had a consistent practice.

Knowing the ‘Glasshouse’ worked already, it was a case of wanting to ‘pick it up’ and ‘put it somewhere a bit nicer’.


Being a local resident, daily walks through Moseley Park suddenly sparked a vision.


A friendly cup of coffee and deep discussion about yoga and the meaning of of life in the rangers hut one weekday afternoon at the start of 2018 was where it truly all began.


By virtue of a legendary park ranger and a forward-thinking chairman, the vision was to 

become a reality.

The rest was merely a lot of borrowing money, sourcing a lot of wood, and doing a lot of caffeine-infused graft.


There were many people involved in the creation of I AM YOGI, too many to mention - but all of whom are integral to us being able to continue our special journey.


As I sit and type this post, I feel extremely humble and grateful for everything this work has gifted me. 


My life would not be what it is....


From strangers in the beer-garden ogling at our fierce goddess poses, to now being able to gaze out to the trees of Moseley Park - it’s been one heck of a ride.


And we’re not stopping anytime soon!


"A world where everyone practices yoga"
cabin built 2018jpg


"To get more people on yoga mats"
cabin built 2018jpg


cabin built 2018jpg
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All of our empowering classes are led by qualified yoga teachers, trained to help you leave the studio stronger inside and out than when you arrived.


Take time out wherever you are, whenever you need to with our yoga at home videos on YouTube. Join us from home, work, or even the beach. Just unroll your mat, click play and stretch out.


It’s not just stronger bodies we help cultivate. We’re proud that hundreds of our yogis have built strong friendships here too.

Whether you’re new to the area, a new mum, or a longstanding local, you’ll find a welcoming community of like-minded yogis in our cabin and at our events.


Being a yogi is a journey, not a destination. Even if you’ve never set foot on a mat before you’re a yogi and welcome here. Our classes span beginner, intermediate and advanced so there’s something for everyone, wherever you are on your journey.

What our community says


I absolutely love I AM YOGI, I never thought I would do yoga, But I tried it and love the lessons It helps me focus and keep calm in a hectic world. The location and setting in Moseley Park is just beautiful and all the teachers are amazing I wish everyone would have a bit of yoga in their lives.

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